Our Donors

   The Virginia DECA Foundation Board of Directors wish to thank the following for their continued funding support:

Jeane Dixon Children to Children Foundation

Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation

M&M Productions

Rescue Agency, Public Benefit

Virginia Association of Retired Marketing Educators (VARME)

Virginia Association of Marketing Educators (VAME)

VA DECA Foundation

Virginia DECA Board of Trustees



Network for Good

Boddie-Noell Enterprises (Hardee's)

Mrs. Frances Craig

Mr. Walter Pierce

Ms. Kathryn Roche

Mr. Frederick Calhoun

Mr. James Gray

Mrs. Wendy Williams

Mr. Michael Foley

Mrs. Ryan Witzig & Friends

Mr. Richard Turner

Mr. Adam Warshavsky

Mr. Shawn Lucas

Ms. Linda Hughes March

Mrs. Mary Roman

Mr. Jethro Seabron