Our Donors

   The Virginia DECA Foundation Board of Directors wish to thank the following for their continued funding support:

Jeane Dixon Children to Children Foundation

Boddie-Noell Enterprises, Inc.

M&M Productions

Rescue Agency, Public Benefit

Virginia Association of Retired Marketing Educators (VARME)

Virginia Association of Marketing Educators (VAME)

VA DECA Foundation

Virginia DECA Board of Trustees



Network for Good

Mrs. Frances Craig

Mr. Walter Pierce

Ms. Kathryn Roche

Mr. Frederick Calhoun

Mr. James Gray

Mrs. Wendy Williams

Mr. Michael Foley

Mrs. Ryan Witzig & Friends

Mr. Richard Turner

Mr. Adam Warshavsky

Mr. Shawn Lucas

Ms. Linda Hughes March

Mrs. Mary Roman

Mr. Jethro Seabron

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