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The Virginia DECA Foundation, Inc., also referred to as the “DECA Foundation,” was founded in 2003, in
Richmond, Virginia, as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to support Virginia DECA (VA DECA), a Career
Technical Student Organization.


The purposes for which the DECA Foundation is organized are for scientific, educational and charitable
purposes within the Section 501 (c)(3) of the International Revenue Code to provide the means for the VA
DECA chapters of the DECA Foundation to receive charitable contributions to promote the understanding
and appreciation for the responsibility of citizenship in a private and competitive enterprise system, and to
be able to distribute said charitable contributions to individuals and/or VA DECA chapters that are in need
of assistance from the DECA Foundation in order to achieve these purposes.


The DECA Foundation was created to provide community support, fund, and award scholarships to
deserving marketing students who are members of VA DECA. The Foundation provides support and
assistance for the improvement of VA DECA and its ongoing programs

Board Members

Donna Roush Dail

Dee Hamlet

Linda March

Heather VanDyke

James Gray

Briana Owens

Dennis Parsons

Mary Roman

Frances Curtis Craig 


Kim Radford


Vice  President

Jean Draper



Mike Foley


Kellen Scott

Sharon Acuff

Shirley Bazdar

Mel Barrow

Danny Saggese

Sandi Tucker

Richard Turner

Wendy Williams

Melissa Martin

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